Very Lean Marketing With Immediate Consumer Response

How Secure And Compliant is It?

This system is licensed as a Money Service Business (MSB) by FINCEN and most State-level banking authorities in the US (with the others to follow soon), by FINTRAC in Canada, and by other regulatory bodies around the world.

It incorporates US and international compliance rules for safe and compliant KYC and AML movement of funds domestically and internationally.

The automated compliance engine provides the ability to easily customize compliance metrics, controls and procedures on a region by region basis.

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  Merchant Processing Compliance

Use In Tandem With Existing Platform

Best Standards of Compliance, KYC, AML & Audits

Engage Millennials & GenX Customer Base

Licensed in 34 US States, All Others Soon

Operating In Numerous Countries Worldwide

Customize Compliance Requirements Regionally

     Wireless Proximity Marketing

Direct Push Messaging To Mobile Devices

Track Return Visitors And Response Habits

Optimize Ads Based On Segregated Responses

Highly Customizable Analysis & Reporting

Ability To Integrate With Digital Displays

Streamline Processes With Digital Interactivity

What Does it Take to Get Started?

Contact us to discuss your needs and priorities to start the discovery.

We do not sell software - we offer mobile payment and cross border payment technology capabilities through our premier service provider to meet and exceed your needs. 

You can keep all your existing software and systems - this simply adds functionality and customers, starting with 1+ Billion of them.

Build Company Brand Recognition And Competitive Advantage

Engage  And Monetize Existing 1+ Billion Current Users

How Does Wireless Marketing Work?

From antenna setup to campaign layout,
the process is intuitive and a breeze.  Let us and our service provider do the work.

The results-driven data drives the intelligence of the marketing efforts.  Adjust on the fly by site, region or demographics.

Integrate with POS and digital displays to further drive engagement, streamline customer flow, and reduce overhead.

Dynamic Digital Strategic Solutions

                            Engage And Monetize Via Mobile-Based Ubiquitous Wallet and

                            Social Messaging, Payments, Merchant Processing And Marketing


Connect:  In today's competitive environment it is critical to find a way to  connect with the consumer and understand what drives them.  This unique technology allows instant connection via social messaging, merchant processing, bill pay, lifestyle needs, and wireless proximity marketing.  Tap into the existing 1 plus Billion users on this social messaging platform for instant traction and low friction.   Our engagement with the premier service provider in the industry makes it possible.

Engage:  With the built in 1+ Billion current users and growing, in tandem with the turn-key low cost and maintenance system, your brand has everything to gain with nothing to lose.  Achieve remarkable market penetration and reduced payment processing and transaction costs from day one.  Generate fees with each push of the mobile button.  Offer the lowest cost options in the market to your existing and new customer base for money remittance, transfers, payroll, and merchant processing.

Track Habits:  Traditional advertising requires the consumer to see, like and then travel to purchase the product.  In this case, when profound messaging access meets the prime consumer within 300ʹ of the product redemption the message is targeted, educated and proficient.  As such, it is resourceful in that it varies its aim based upon the intelligence of the resultant real-time consumer data and habits, and continually increases efficiency with an ever-growing volume of regular proximity users.  Rich experiential data guides you to higher customer engagement and margins.

Turn-key Solutions for Mobile & Social Messaging Based Wallet, Payments & Merchant Programs

  Mobile & Social Messaging Wallet

World's First Global Mobile Payment Solution On Largest Global Social Messaging Platform

Mobile Payments, Transfers & Remittance

Live Automatic GPS-Based Foreign Exchange

Unique QR Code Based Merchant Processing

Worldwide E-Commerce And Gift Card Enabled