Dynamic Digital Strategic Solutions

Turn-key Solutions for Direct-to-Mobile-Device Wireless Proximity marketing Programs

  Wireless Proximity Marketing

  Direct Push Messaging To Mobile Devices

 No APP Required Or Used Like Beacon Systems

 Broadcasts 300ʹ Via Bluetooth® And WiFi

 Connect to 20 Phones At A Time

 Private, Closed & Secure Wireless Network

Build Company Brand Recognition And Competitive Advantage

Very Lean Marketing With Immediate Consumer Response

Promote Customer Loyalty and Social Media Sharing

   Rich Consumer Habit Data

Track Return Visitors And Response Habits

Optimize Ads Based On Segregated Responses

Adjust Promotions Based On POS Redemptions

Highly Customizable Analysis & Reporting

Ability To Integrate With Digital Displays

  Permission Based & Anonymous

 Ad Recipient Must Opt-In

 Zero Spam or Unwanted Messaging

 Identifies Phones By Make, Model and MAC ID

 Phone Number And Owner Never Identified

 Promotions May Be Stored, Forwarded & Shared

What Is Targeted Proximity Marketing?

The results driven data drives the intelligence of the marketing efforts.  Adjust on the fly by site, region or demographics.

What Other Options Are Available?

Establish positive cash flow by selling ad space on your private network.  Integrate with POS and

digital displays to further drive engagement.tt.


How Does Wireless Marketing Work?

From antenna setup to campaign layout,

the process is intuitive and a breeze.  Let us do the work.

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                                              Discover The Power of Targeted Engagement With The

                                          Consumer With Direct-To-Mobile-Device Communications


Connect:  In today's competitive environment it is critical to find a way to  connect with the consumer and understand what drives them.  This unique technology allows instant connection and ad promotion to the phones' Bluetooth® and WiFi notifications and displays with vibration and tone alerts.  It's as easy as 'opt-in'.

Engage:  With the push of 'opt-in' the consumer is now engaged and sees the promotion on their display.   Promotions designed to require action by the customer initiates the interaction and drives further engagement.   Instant-redemption offers require point-of-sale  interface resulting in increased collateral sales.  Promotion ads may be forwarded to family and friends via text messaging and social media channels turning ads viral.

Track Habits:  Traditional advertising requires the consumer to see, like and then travel to purchase the product.  In this case, when profound messaging access meets the prime consumer within 300ʹ of the product redemption the message is targeted, educated and proficient.  As such, it is resourceful in that it varies its aim based upon the intelligence of the resultant real-time consumer data and habits, and continually increases efficiency with an ever-growing volume of regular proximity users.