Dynamic Digital Strategic Solutions

Turn-key Solutions for Direct-to-Mobile-Device Wireless Proximity marketing Programs

Background On Our Service Providers

Our wireless proximity marketing service provider is an innovator and market leader in their industry with vast North American and International presence and networks.  You can expect best-in-class access and performance - with integrity.

What You Can Expect When Dealing With Us

DDSS is dedicated to providing customized services to meet your unique circumstances and needs.  Our goal is to handle as much or as little as you prefer we do, making your business operations as optimal as possible.

Dynamic Digital Strategic Solutions ("DDSS"), a subsidiary of Dynamic Digital Sign Solutions has been active in the automated equipment, ATM, and digital signage industry for 18 years.  With their affiliation with large scale ATM owner and provider networks as well as the convenience store and hospitality industries they bring exceptional site and brand opportunities to this technology. Integration into static and interactive digital display further empowers the platforms.  Through strategic alliances with multiple North American companies with a customer base exceeding 11 million, DDSS offers a premier value-added service portfolio to discerning companies, particularly in the hospitality, travel, hotel, restaurant, and convenience store sectors.  Marketing efforts recently expanded internationally due to peaked interest overseas.

In today's fiercely competitive climate, companies are vying for an edge for both customer engagement and loyalty.  The pinnacle of marketing reaches the consumer direct-to-mobile and in close proximity to the point of promotion redemption.  Only the DDSS solution offers this is today’s fiercely competitive markets.  The DDSS suite of turn-key solutions offers companies unique and powerful means to reach, attract and retain customer base and profitability.  DDSS is headquartered in Hamburg, NY.

What Makes Us Different

Rather than the typical industry standard of offering a   cookie cutter menu to choose from, we provide customized services to meet your stringent goals and needs.  We enjoy unique requests that provide the opportunity to exceed your expectations.  We have the flexibility to customize programs to your optimal level.  Why pay for services and add-ons you don't need?

DDSS is proud to work with the premier service provider in the industry.  Rather than settle for companies that garner the most public attention, we invested great time and effort to perform exhaustive due diligence to find the true gem in their sector.  We knew if we chose a company based upon who our customers would select, they would win and consequently we would as well.  We believe if we take care of you, everyone wins.

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